Empowering Pharmacies with Data-Driven

With over a century of cumulative expertise, we revolutionize the pharmacy industry with transparent, specialized IT consulting and actionable insights.

Leading the Change in Pharmacy Consulting

Our seasoned team merges data analysis and business intelligence to offer a non-GPO, fee-for-service approach, ensuring your decisions are powered by precision and custom solutions.

Tailored Pharmacy Intelligence

Secure, client-specific databases with gross margin-focused analyses tailored to your business within a SOC 2 Type II certified environment.

Prioritized Client Solutions

Your priorities drive our operations, guaranteeing timely delivery of impeccably curated intelligence.

Transparent Collaboration

Shifting from shared savings models, we bring clarity and honesty with our transparent fee-for-service structure.

Strategic Services Tailored for your Pharmacy's Success

Comprehensive RFP Analysis

Unveil the year-over-year value and navigate COGS with expertise.

Compliance Reporting & Optimization

With granular compliance reporting and rebate program management, we maximize your efficiencies.

Dashboard Suite & Profitability Optimization

Navigate PBM plans with dynamic dashboards and proactive strategies to safeguard your profitability.

Performance Monitoring

Continuously track wholesaler performance against contract benchmarks, ensuring your savings are realized.

Impact Analysis & Forecasting

Analyze direct third-party contracts with current COGS for insightful gross margin projections.

New Pharmacy Acquisition Analysis

Assess COGS and potential savings for new pharmacies under your wing.

Transforming Pharmacies Together

Partnering with Stratos

  • Review

    Share your pharmacy data and business goals with us.

  • Analyze

    Our experts dive into the numbers, producing targeted insights.

  • Strategize

    We outline actionable recommendations crafted for your pharmacy.

  • Realize

    Witness the transformation as we implement and track success.

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What Our Partners Say

Hear directly from our partners about how our data-driven solutions and expert consulting have transformed their pharmacy operations. From significant cost savings to enhanced decision-making capabilities, discover the real-world impacts of our collaboration.

Clark Bishop, D. Ph.

Total Dose Pharmacies

Bill Osborn, D. Ph.

Osborn Drugs

Clark Bishop, D. Ph.

Total Dose Pharmacies

More Testimonials

Stratos Insights has made the process of evaluating and negotiating wholesaler and third-party contracts much simpler. Before working with them, we didn’t know what the best deal was for us. When we brought in Stratos, they were able to drill down to the claim-level detail and provide an accurate estimate of the contract values, almost down to the dollar. They were even able to assess the financial impact of adding another store to our current contracting. It made it clear which contracts would provide us with the best deal for our business.

Clark Bishop

Total Dose

As a pharmacy owner, data is one of our greatest assets. Stratos Insights has helped us take our data and transform it into actionable insights that we use to help our businesses be more successful.

Bill Osborn

Osborn Drug

You’re running half-blind if you don’t have claim-level specific data analysis. You can’t make informed decisions for the health of your business without it. Stratos Insights does that for you and presents the data in a clear and concise way that allows you to make a real-time decision incredibly quickly.

Clark Bishop

Total Dose

Stratos Insights helps us identify the optimal ratio of warehouse versus wholesale purchases. We can look at our warehoused products and decide whether they should remain in the warehouse or be moved to a wholesaler agreement. It also enables us to evaluate our PBM contracts by comparing our current reimbursements with new contract proposals. With Stratos, we are able to use our data to make informed decisions about accepting contracts based on our purchasing and profitability.

Bill Osborn

Osborn Drug

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